About us

Fetch Digital has been a specialist agency for the pet sector since 2010, working with a wide range of leading brands to develop integrated marketing programmes, apps and websites.

The company was founded by John Wisbey initially to create the my dog app in partnership with the Kennel Club, Petlog and Bayer.  Now in its second iteration, the app combines content and functionality developed with Petlog, Purina, DogLost and Retrieva to keep dogs safe.

This collaborative approach was used to create the my cat app in partnership with Petlog, Royal Canin and Bayer for owners concerned about keeping their cats safe, fit and healthy.

Fetch Digital has also conceived, designed and released apps for the Kennel Club to help owners choose the right puppy, for Dog Friendly to help their members find dog friendly places when they are out and about and for Retrieva to bring their GPS tracking technology to life through mobile devices.

Recently the company has made good use of its experience and network to develop partnerships between its clients for the benefit of their brands and bottom lines.

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