Safe Travels France

A comprehensive guide to traveling safely with your dog. Conceived, sourced, written and designed by Fetch Digital for stress free travel in France.

Dog Friendly

Strategic advice, networking and negotiation, to secure partnerships for brand development and sales. Ideas, concepts and deals secured by Fetch Digital.

Woof & Brew

An innovative herbal tea for dogs from a startup looking for overseas sales.

Market analysis, positioning,
design and sales strategy developed by Fetch Digital.

Be Dog Friendly Awards

A multi-media programme to promote the benefits of being dog friendly to businesses and dog owners. Conceived, designed and written by Fetch Digital on behalf of the Kennel Club and Dog Friendly.


Strategic advice, networking and negotiation to help DogLost develop business and marketing partnerships in support of their services. Ideas developed, introductions made and deals concluded with the help of Fetch Digital.

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